Our Mission? We at Playbag want to contribute to creating a better present and future. We want to show that it is possible to have a successful business, create functional and beautiful products and at the same time being responsible for the environment. We are aware that our business affects the environment, so we seek the ways to do it ecologically and ethically. Sustainable development is a complex issue, but because we care about nature and people, it is also very personal for us. It is our relationship to nature, to our employees and to the locality where we work. It is our life and our Playbag. In simple terms, sustainable development means using the natural resources in a way that its value is not compromised, and the natural system is able to provide resources to next generations. The sustainable business thus keeps the environment in the same or better state and helps to create a fair society.



We see relationships as a basis of a contented life, that’s why we cherish our employees and give them fair contracts and adequate salaries. Every person working for us is unique and we feel enriched by their individualities, we see the difference as an enrichment. Our passion is designing and crafting things/goods we know that will be useful for many years. We know that what is of good quality and long lasting doesn’t need to change or replacement and that saves your money and keep our environment clean.



We work with Czech artists and designers (Vivien Babicová, Lenka Drgová, Filip Lang, Pavel Preisner) whose works are regularly exhibited in our Zlín showroom.


Payment of Commissions

We pay to our employees a commission for everything we sel.


Building Relationships




Though fashion is one of the most polluting industries, let’s change it! New technologies can have a big ecological impact. These are ways we want to explore in our business, to combine traditional craft with modern and effective processes. This way we believe we can save energy, produce less waste, and create quality products.


Production waste





We collect our broken and old products to dispose of it according to its material, so when your Playbag is unusable, send it to us, home.



We love to use new material Mailai. It is a biocomposite material made by bacteria who grows on organic coconut waste and water.




In order to employ and run our craft in the long term, there is a need for a lot of small and expensive details that make up and hold our small business. We see real values in human relationships, so we do not burden our high-priced sales prices with high profits, and it allows us to do things honestly, of quality materials and at affordable prices. The amount you pay for our products goes to the real people who designed and produced the item for you. We do not drive in luxury cars, we walk with you.


Personal Approach

Every product, even the simplest piece of accessory, is manually put together by our team and everybody pays attention to these little details that make it great.

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