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Typographic socks / for everyone that rocks.

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Typographic socks / for everyone that rocks. This is a small thing designed for Playbag by Martin T. Pecina.
What does an author say? “I have always been interested in designing stuff for pair extremities, which can communicate with each other: like playing tic-tac-toe or asking and answering to each other. That’s why the socks in a pair are different, and they differ from each other in colour or graphics.”


  • 80 % cotton (for wearing comfort)
  • 15 % polyamide (for the strengthening of heel and toe)
  • 5 % elastane for easier putting on and fitting to every foot).
  • Made from Czech material by Czech hands.


Material   Cotton
Colour   Multicolor
Size   36 - 41
Weight   100g
Color multicolor
Material cotton