Let us introduce you to Playbag without unnecessary phrases and varnished marketing. Most people only know that they come from Zlin and make their favorite stylish bags. Many consider Playbag as a large, multi-employee and automated production company. The opposite is true - a small eight-member team of specialist does everything from production to selling.

The driving force of the company is the pleasure of creating things that their owner or can enjoy for many years. Customers satisfaction comes first and bags are known to have been made with love for material and sensitivity to the smallest details. The owner and soul of the company, Aleš Loch, says: "We get up when you still sleep and work even after you've gone to bed. We would like you to feel for us all our work. We thank all of our faithful and future customers as well as our friends who help us and spread our good name to other people. "

Feel free to contact us here: www.playbag.eu/contact/


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